August 04-05  |  Online
IMPACCT: mHealth in Clinical Trials

The benefits mHealth technology can offer clinical trials affect both those running them and those taking part. However, it remains unclear how operations can be capitalised. The 5th annual IMPACCT: mHealth in Clinical Trials Summit will provide a practical roadmap and the decision-making tools required to implement this range of technology into clinical trials. The summit will involve trial sponsors, technology experts, regulators, patients, and technology providers. For the 5th year, hear from and network with companies such as Pfizer, Takeda, AbbVie, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, Active Insights, and CTTI as they discuss past experiences and discuss future insights. With exclusive case studies and the release of previously unpublished data, the IMPACCT: mHealth in Clinical Trials Summit is where the key stakeholders of the industry will transform the way patient data is collected and utilised, rethink clinical trial methodologies, overcome key implementation challenges and promote patient-centricity in clinical studies with mobile and digital approaches.
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