Gilead partnered with Boston Consulting Group’s Digital Ventures (BCGDV) team. With a focus on healthcare, BCGDV specialise in innovative product design, engaging individuals more efficiently, and providing a differentiated customer experience.
   “With Boston Consulting Group, we had a really good partnership and a great understanding from the beginning. We were both working together to ensure that we could galvanise a community, and get the insights out of this community, so that we could create the right solutions for the right consumers. And I think their knowledge, and their work in this space, was instrumental in accelerating some of the work for us."
- Cristina Carlis, Vice President of Digital Innovation, Gilead Sciences
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Issue 15
Gilead Sciences tells us about its groundbreaking digital platform PrEP Hub, which is helping to improve access to HIV drugs for those who need it the most. Elsewhere, we hear Two Sigma’s mission for data equity