Koneltek is Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert partner, providing home automation and smart home systems, climate control, energy monitoring and much more.
   “Koneltek’s perception of future is parallel with Schneider Electric’s vision. Koneltek has a team full of excellent engineers, and they also invest in R&D, so much that we get very valuable feedback from them about our products and software. This topic also makes Koneltek very special not only for Turkey but also for Schneider Electric globally."
- Aimen Abd-El-Azim, Digital Energy Channel Sales Leader, Schneider Electric
Koneltek's Website:  www.koneltek.com.tr
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Issue 17
Digital, energy and automation giant Schneider Electric was recently named the most sustainable corporation in the world. We find out why it firmly believes in an all-electric, all-digital future. Elsewhere, we hear about the AI advances in the aviation industry.