The innovative scam protection technology keeping seniors safe

For older adults, the threat of becoming a victim of scams or fraud is all too real. Criminals often prey on seniors, exploiting their trusting nature and taking advantage of potential isolation or cognitive decline. The consequences can be financially and emotionally devastating. According to Age UK, people defrauded over the phone in their own homes are a staggering 2.5 times more likely to pass away prematurely or enter long-term residential care within 12 months. With evidence of phone scams increasing year on year, protecting vulnerable members of our society has become paramount.

That’s where Phonely comes in. With its in-house technology team, this innovative telecoms company is pioneering the use of digital voice and VoIP to shield those we love from remorseless telephone criminals. At its core, Phonely’s mission is to make telephone calls safe again, giving the older generation the confidence to stay connected without living in fear of being scammed.

“It’s heartbreaking to hear the stories in the media about elderly and vulnerable people being scammed and having their life savings stolen,” voiced Bryn Thompson, Phonely’s Marketing Director. “With several of our staff’s family members having been affected by telephone crime, we came together as a company and decided to create a system to prevent such abhorrent activities. As a result, we’ve now built powerful defensive walls around our users by combining smart AI monitoring with rapid human response.”

Cutting-edge keyword & voice analysis

One of Phonely’s most powerful features is its automated keyword monitoring system. AI scans all calls, listening for phrases and terminology commonly used by scammers – things like banking, password, deposit, and hundreds of other audited triggers. If any are detected, the system alerts the pre-nominated trusted person via the Phonely mobile app. It’s here where both technology and human interaction work perfectly together.

“It’s like having a virtual security guardian watching over your loved one’s calls,” Thompson explained.

Instant support with live call joining

As well as receiving keyword notifications, a trusted person can be instantly alerted should a withheld or international call be answered, or if their loved one has spent an unusually long period on the phone. Once alerted, the trusted person has the power to proactively intervene and give support during an active call.

“We’ve made it incredibly easy for loved ones to provide real-time aid if ever needed,” said Thompson. “Our live call join feature lets your trusted person immediately enter a call, allowing them to firmly but safely disengage any scammer and get their family member out of that situation.”

Feeling unsafe on your own telephone is incredibly isolating. Phonely ensures no senior has to live in that prison'"

And this feature doesn’t just rely on mere alerts alone. If a Phonely customer realises they need help they can dial #9 to invite their trusted person to the call. By giving the ability of remote support to a trusted person, Phonely ensures no senior has to feel defenceless against deception happening in real time.

“The live call join has the potential to be used in other ways too, not just in scam protection. Sometimes the older generation may need help with discussing an account over the phone, such as a utility. If they’re not feeling confident, they can invite their trusted person to help them navigate the conversation,” adds Thompson.

How Phonely’s CallGuard blocks scammers at every turn

At the core of Phonely’s protection is its comprehensive CallGuard system, of which the aforementioned comes under. Here’s a look at how the technology monitors calls every step of the way:

When a call first comes in, CallGuard automatically checks the caller’s number against an extensive database of known scammers. If flagged, the call is blocked from ringing through at all.

For numbers not blocked, the caller first hears an anti-fraud introduction informing them the call is being recorded and monitored for the user’s protection – a warning likely to deter many scammers from even attempting deception.

Once the user answers, the call is recorded and Phonely’s AI analyses the number type and listens out for any of hundreds of pre-programmed fraud trigger words and phrases. Should a number be withheld or international, an instant alert is sent to the trusted person. If the user remains on the call above the preset amount of time, the trusted person will alerted. After the call, the trusted person will be notified should any keywords have been spoken throughout the conversation.

During any live call, the user can invite their trusted person to join with just a “#9” tap. Or a trusted person can proactively join in if alerts indicate ongoing fraud attempts.

Thompson further explained, “When a trusted person joins a call, there will be an announcement of the fact on the line. This alone should put off potential scammers and encourage them to hang up.”
After calls end, full recordings and transcripts are available for a trusted person to investigate any concerning conversations and help take appropriate actions.

Restoring confidence to communicate

By blending advanced technology with instantaneous human support capabilities, Phonely has created a powerful multi-layered shield against the barrage of telephone scams too often targeting older adults. But beyond just financial protection, Phonely’s technology restores something even more essential – a vulnerable person’s freedom to communicate openly without crippling fear.

“Feeling unsafe on your own telephone is incredibly isolating,” Thompson emphasized. “Phonely ensures no senior has to live in that prison. With our smart defensive technology and trusted human support network, they can confidently use their phone without worry of being preyed upon.”

As the digital voice revolution makes landlines obsolete, innovative protections like Phonely’s CallGuard system will be crucial for the elderly to stay meaningfully connected to the world without jeopardizing their wellbeing. By empowering confident, protected telecommunication, Phonely frees seniors from the relentless scam callers who’ve exploited them for too long.


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