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Mary Jacques: Leading ESG at Lenovo

Mary Jacques heads global ESG for tech giant Lenovo, which is on a mission to meet ambitious sustainability goals not just for itself, but across its entire value chain

The game-changing cloud innovation for cancer trials

Cancer Research UK, the world’s largest independent cancer research organisation, has digitally transformed. At the forefront of the world’s battle against cancer for the last 120 years, the charity has embraced agility and fast innovation in the Cloud in partnership with AWS.

Amref Health Africa, GSK and Cognizant

Tech for Good sits down with leaders from Amref, GSK and Cognizant to discuss a remarkable collaboration set to create a lasting digital advantage for Amref as it seeks to transform healthcare on the continent.

Daniel Di Giusto: Tech to the Rescue

Daniel Di Giusto is co-founder of Tech To The Rescue. In this podcast, Daniel tells some extraordinary stories of how the movement is connecting tech companies with non-profits.

Series Four: Tim Guilliams

Tim Guilliams is co-founder and CEO of Healx.

In this podcast, Tim reveals how machine learning is helping in the discovery of treatments for rare diseases.

Series Four: Alistair Fulton

Semtech’s Alistair Fulton is a thought leader on the Internet of Things.

In this podcast, Alistair reveals how low-power, wide-area connectivity can help combat climate change.

Series Four: Peter Vanovertveld

Peter Vanovertveld is Chief Commercial & Operations Officer for Smart Reporting.

In this podcast, Peter explains why structured data can help drive new standards in patient care.

Series Four: Janice Burns

Janice Burns is Chief People Officer for Degreed. In this podcast, Janice discusses her distinguished career and why businesses must strive to upskill their employees.

Series Four: Kristian Rönn

Kristian Rönn is CEO and co-founder of Normative. In this podcast, Kristian tells us about the technology that helps businesses with carbon accounting.

Series Four: Moussa Zaghdoud

Moussa Zaghdoud is EVP for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s Cloud Communications Business.

In this podcast, Moussa tells us why he has always wanted to build technology to help people.

Series Three: Suzette Kent

Suzette Kent is a former Federal CIO for the United States government.

In this podcast, Suzette shares her story and talks about what the public sector can do to accelerate digital transformation.

Series Three: Andrea Danes

Andrea Danes is Global Human Services Leader for EY.

In this podcast, Andrea discusses the company’s work to support vulnerable populations.

Series Three: Sergio Budkin

Sergio Budkin is Director of Market Development for Virgin Media 02.

In this podcast, Sergio shares some steps towns and cities can take to become smarter, greener and healthier.

Creating a pathway to hope

HIV prevention drugs have helped reduce infection rates globally. Now Gilead Sciences has rolled out its digital platform, PrEP Hub® , in the US with a mission to help improve access to drugs and reduce stigma among the communities that most need it.

We find out why it’s a gamechanger in the fight against HIV.

Series Three: Piotr Orzechowski

Piotr Orzechowski is co-founder and CEO of Infermedica.

In this podcast, Piotr discusses the role of AI in healthcare and why his company wants to act for global public health.

Series Three: Vinay Nair

Vinay Nair is CEO and co-founder of Lightful.

In this podcast, Vinay addresses the digital skills challenge in the charity and volunteering sector.

Series Three: Margareta Mucibabici

Margareta Mucibabici is Public Affairs Manager for UiPath.

In this podcast, Margareta discusses RPA’s potential to positively impact the world through “automation for good” initiatives.

Teenage Tech Stories: Alisha Arora

At 15, Alisha Arora is a philanthropist, developer, and AI-for-good advocate. In this podcast, Alisha discusses the AI model for suicide prevention that she’s building alongside Microsoft, her work as a UNICEF Youth Advocate and how she was inspired to create a non-profit organisation alongside her sister.

Series Three: Anthony Baker

Anthony Baker is co-founder and CEO of Satellite Vu.

In this podcast, Anthony reveals how his company plans to use thermal and infrared imaging satellites to help assess the climate impact of every building on the planet.

Teenage Tech Stories: Sahda Haroon

Sahda Haroon is shooting for the stars. In this podcast, the 18-year-old talks about creating The Mars Generation and the Astronaut’s Club to support other young people who share her dream of being on the first space crew that goes to Mars.

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