Chloe Tartan: Blockchain versus the digital divide

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Chloe Tartan, one-time inventor of invisiblitiy cloaks for microbes, is these days a leader within global consulting giant Accenture in the area of ESG and sustainability. She’s also a storied Blockchain expert and has turned her thoughts to how the technology can be leveraged to revolutionise how we govern public services and ensure digital inclusivity. Blockchain is much more, she says, than just a mechanism to conjure digital currencies.

Read Chloe’s article on the subject here.

As she says in one LinkedIn post: “In my view, the only way to justify the amount of energy the [blockchain] network consumes is by demonstrating that this technology can actually solve a critical problem in society to make the world a better place.”

Our conversation is prompted by Chloe’s publication of an academic paper on the subject, which you can read here.


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Chloe TartanESG Measurement, Analytics & Performance UKI Tech Lead, Accenture


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