Stuart Bernard

Tech that breaks taboos

Four female entrepreneurs are using technology to improve girls’ education and access to healthcare around the world

The future of care

An ageing population is putting strain on healthcare systems. Dutch company Luscii believes it has the answer

Zero-emission possible

Michael Jansen’s company is using AI to enable zero-emission buildings, with a mission to drive change globally

Teenage Tech Stories: Guardians of the GalaxSEA

Kiefer Ong, Pierre Yeap and See Jay Ng are the three members of Guardians of the GalaxSEA. In this podcast, the Singapore-based team explains how they have used orange peel extracts to synthesise an eco-friendly magnetic ferrofluid to help clean up oil spills.

Nick Kelly

Axela’s CEO Nick Kelly has helped to drive innovation in the healthcare arena with his company’s tech and data-centred approach to care services. He tells us why he was destined to work in the care sector, and why he believes data is the future of healthcare.

Stuart Bernard

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