Building the ‘Siri of digital public services’ in Estonia

Estonia has become renowned as one of the most digitally advanced nations on the planet. Its latest innovation in its mission to connect citizens with government is Bürokratt, an AI-driven virtual assistant that puts access to public services in the hands of the people via any device they choose. Government Chief Data Officer, Ott Velsberg, tells us more.

In this episode, Romily Broad talks to government Chief Data Officer, Ott Velsberg, to uncover the history of Estonia’s remarkable ability to innovate digital public services at scale. We also hear about Estonia’s call to developers and data scientists around the world to join a €5 million procurement exercise to surge the development of Bürokratt even further. Built on open-source technologies, Estonia’s vision is not just to enhance delivery of public services in its own lands, but to build a platform that can serve the entire world. Individuals and companies of any size are invited to submit proposals via

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