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Teenage Tech Stories: Sahda Haroon

Sahda Haroon is shooting for the stars. In this podcast, the 18-year-old talks about creating The Mars Generation and the Astronaut’s Club to support other young people who share her dream of being on the first space crew that goes to Mars.

Series Three: Aaron Simpson

Aaron Simpson is founder of social enterprise Kindred.

In this podcast, Adam reveals how Kindred’s technology supports charities and why companies of the future will be measured by their positive impact over shareholder value.

Teenage Tech Stories: BiaSciLab

BiaSciLab (Bianca Lewis) is 14, but she has already hacked a replica of the US election reporting system. In this podcast, Bia talks about creating her own end-to-end election system and running a non-profit organisation, Girls Who Hack.

Series Three: Janina Nakladal

Janina Nakladal is Global Director of Sustainability for Celonis.

In this podcast, Janina discusses the power of process mining and the challenges of achieving sustainability transformation.

Teenage Tech Stories: Jakomba Jabbie

Jakomba Jabbie has been advocating for women’s rights since she was 16. In this podcast, Jakomba talks about developing a climate change monitoring app, speaking at a UN conference and how she overcame the challenges many women in The Gambia face when accessing education.

Series Three: Fred Werner

Fred Werner is a key figure in the UN’s AI for Good digital platform and global summit series. In this podcast, Fred discusses why the growth of AI is as much a human issue as a technical one.

Teenage Tech Stories: Prisha Shroff

Prisha Shroff is not yet 15, but she is already determined to help solve real-world problems, starting with wildfires. In this podcast, Prisha explains how she developed an affordable AI system capable of identifying areas where wildfires are likely to begin and deploying drones to prevent them from happening.

Teenage Tech Stories: Jacqueline Prawira

Jacqueline Prawira is a high school senior with a passion for science and sustainable development. In this podcast, Jacqueline talks about developing Cyclo.Plas 2, a renewable alternative to plastic made from upcycled fish scale waste components.

Teenage Tech Stories: Vetri Vel

At only 16, Vetri Vel is already developing devices that improve people’s lives. In this podcast, Vetri tells the story of how his grandmother’s fall inspired him to create a fall detection system for seniors.

Teenage Tech Stories: Guardians of the GalaxSEA

Kiefer Ong, Pierre Yeap and See Jay Ng are the three members of Guardians of the GalaxSEA. In this podcast, the Singapore-based team explains how they have used orange peel extracts to synthesise an eco-friendly magnetic ferrofluid to help clean up oil spills.

Teenage Tech Stories: Emma Yang

At only 17, Emma Yang is the founder of Timeless, a mobile app that helps Alzheimer’s patients stay connected to their loved ones. In this podcast, Emma talks about the process of building her app and what it means to be named as one of the 100 Faces of Impact globally.

Teenage Tech Stories: Alay Shah

Alay Shah is a researcher, aspiring innovator and high school senior. In this podcast, Alay discusses the need to democratise healthcare and talks about building an eye-tracking diagnostic tool that could become a low-cost alternative to MRIs.

Series Two: Tim Barker

Tim Barker is CEO of digital mental healthcare provider Kooth. In this podcast, Tim talks about Kooth’s philosophy and shares his views on the power of data and AI to support those in need.

Series Two: Helen Marsden

Helen Marsden is co-founder and director of Medichecks. In this podcast, Helen gives her thoughts on the burgeoning healthtech ecosystem, and explains why data should be at the centre of care.

Series Two: Chris von Csefalvay

Chris von Csefalvay is VP of Special Projects for Starschema. In this podcast, Chris discusses the company’s initiative to package and share data related to COVID-19 for free, supporting thousands of businesses.

Series Two: Felix Ohswald

Felix Ohswald is co-founder and CEO of GoStudent. In this podcast, Felix discusses the rapid growth of Europe’s first edtech unicorn, and considers what the future of learning will look like.

Series Two: Anders Bergtoft

Anders Bergtoft is CEO of Charge Amps. In this podcast, Anders charts the EV revolution and discusses the hurdles still to overcome.

Series Two: Mary Jesse

Mary Jesse is CEO of MTI. In this podcast, Mary discusses the company’s diversity initiatives, how she broke down barriers early in her career, and why diversity is good business.

Series Two: Fredrika Klarén

Fredrika Klarén is Head of Sustainability for Polestar. In this podcast, Fredrika talks about how Polestar is leveraging blockchain to ensure supply chain traceability, and why she believes tech future-proofs businesses.

Series Two: Tom Wright

Tom Wright is Head of Digital Engagement for NDL Software. In this podcast, Tom tackles the subject of technology innovation in the public sector, and he makes the case for RPA being a stepping stone to digital success.

Walking the walk

JPMorgan Chase & Co’s Tech For Social Good team is celebrating 10 years of doing good. We spoke to four of its leading voices to find out how it has positively impacted thousands of nonprofits, as well as empowering its own workforce.

Series Two: Jamie Burrows

Jamie Burrows is CEO and founder of Vertical Future. In this podcast, Jamie talks about the technology systems behind vertical farming and why current solutions are only “the tip of the iceberg” in this high-potential industry.

Technology driving blood supply

Wendy Clark, Chief Digital Information Officer, and David Rose, Director of Donor Experience, tell us how digital and technology transformation aims to help NHSBT deliver even more for donors, employees and patients.

March of the cyborgs

We talk to Lama Nachman, famous for her work with Stephen Hawking, and others about the medical possibilities of AI-human collaboration

Breaking digital barriers

Nikki Labrum and Freddie Quek discuss the impact of the digital divide and how to ensure no child is ever left behind

Zero-emission possible

Michael Jansen’s company is using AI to enable zero-emission buildings, with a mission to drive change globally

Arianna Ortelli, CEO and co-founder of Novis Games, on her team’s partnership with Microsoft and using AI to bring video games to the visually impaired.

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